Pressing and Recovering position on the turn

Session 1
Start off with defensive player (Blue player) holding position, while offensive players (Red players) circulate possession. 

The coach will the call for the defender to press. Make the call just as one of the offensive players are going to pass the ball. This makes the defender have to anticipate & press the player that the ball is going to or try to intercept the ball. If the defender runs to press the wrong player (The offensive player that is passing the ball) allow them to, then suggest next time that they either try and intercept the ball or press the play that is about to receive the ball.

The offensive player receiving the ball (Under pressure) will be forced to make a one touch pass then run into the space that the defensive player has left behind him. 

The defensive player will now need to turn and recover his position quickly in order to block or intercept the pass. Encourage the defender to always have the ball in sight when turning and recovering position. 

Rotate the defensive player each time. 

Session 2 - progression
This session will be a 6v5 session, with the neutral player (Green player) always on the team with the ball. 

This session will:
-Encourage the team in possession to use 'spare man' & width. 
-Encourage the team in possession to be patient and try to 'draw' the defenders out before exploiting the space behind them. 
-Encourage the defensive team to 'press' to try to win the ball in order to counter quickly and 'turn quickly' to then recover their position if they are unable to win the ball. 
-The defensive players will have to decide when to press and when not to.