Goalkeeper warm up

Session time: 30 minutes
Equipment needed: 3 footballs, 10 (max) cones.


  1. Warm up - mentally and physically.
  2. Comfort with the ball - with feet and hands.
  3. Practice match actions.

Exercise times:

  1. Warm up - 10 minutes for warm up and dynamic stretches.
  2. Comfort with ball - 10 minutes for hands and feet.
  3. Match actions - 10minutes.

Warm up

Start with a 6-8 minute game of handball, followed by 2-4 minutes of dynamic stretching.
Play in a small area with cones marking outline and different colour cones to mark out goal areas.

Comfort with the ball

Session 1 - passing/kicking for 5 minutes.
  1. Practice playing short, medium and long passes - vertical and diagonal.
  2. Practice passes with ball in hand, ball moving away from you, ball moving towards you and the ball stationary.
  3. Receive the ball at different speeds [e.g. too short - run onto ball to pass first time].
  4. Practice with both feet, using 1st time passes and 1 touch [before pass] passes. 

Session 2 - handling skill session for 5 minutes.

  • Start on your back on the 6 yard line, waiting for the call to go [from any of the 3 players] then go to the right to try and save the first shot [the player shooting should shoot by kicking the ball out of their hands on the first cone].

  • Recover back onto your feet quickly and return to the start point [cone on 6 yard line] moving side to side to the cone. You will then run to the second ball [in front of you] where the person on that cone will throw the ball either to you or either side of you to catch and throw back. 

  • Return to the middle cone [running backwards] then move to the left for the last shot to save [player shooting with ball at their feet].

  • Return to the starting cone [moving side to side] and repeat the exercise for 5 minutes.

Match actions
Session 1 - crossing and shooting practice for 5 minutes.

First receive cross from either side. Come out and either catch or punch the ball. The player in the middle [in blue for this image] is an attacker that is trying to attack the cross or get the rebound.

Next there will be a shot from the middle. Again, the attacker in the middle will be there to try and score the rebound.

And finally a cross from the left, with the attacker looking to attack the cross or rebound. Practice different crosses [1st & 2nd post, in/out swinging, in the air or along the floor ect..].

Session 2 - crossing and distribution practice for 5 minutes.

This session, the cross fill come in with 3 attackers/blockers in the box. This is to put more pressure on the goalkeeper when trying to come for the cross.

Come out to collect the cross [if possible] with the 3 attackers in the middle either blocking or trying to score. Once the ball is collected, quick distribution to the other side [throw or kick - mix it up].

Recover position and repeat for 5 minutes.


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