Example Scouting Report (Individual player)

Initial information
Date of birth: 12/3/1995
Nationality: Portuguese
Club: Barnsley
Contract: Second year scholar (2year scholarship)
Previous club: Manchester City (2010/2011)
Foot: Right footed
Position(s): Offensive midfielder & either wing

Height: 5'11"
Slight build
Good mobility

Offensive play:
Composed, balanced & technically gifted, shows good speed of thought on ball & under pressure. Starts wide on the left hand side in a 4x4x2, with inside movements in between lines with and without the ball. Has the capacity to go either way in 1v1's. Controls the ball with his 1st touch, but sometimes is a little inconsistent in his touch under pressure. Looks to use 1-2 combinations with team mates, coming inside to play ball to the strikers feet (coming deep) then run wide for the return. Has his head up after beating fullback in 1v1 & often finds team mate & used his left foot to put in good crosses when possible.

Needs to improve his influence and personality on the ball to allow him to receive the ball more often in creation areas. He would also benefit if he looked to use his mobility to make diagonal runs into depth at times to add more goals to his game.

Defensive play:
Communicates with left central midfielder well, looking to push teammates to press high. Shows a good work rate in tracking back, but can be exposed in transitions. Showed good personality and desire to press, even when his team where losing.

Needs to improve physically with his strength. Also needs to stay on his toes when defending 1v1.

Offensive transitions:
Looks to stretch fullback with wide & high runs, providing good width in counter attack. Provides good weight on his passes.

Defensive transitions:
Often very high but uses his mobility well to get back in position. Can get caught out of position with quick transitions, leaving space behind him to expose.

Set plays:
Left upfront in defensive corners, due to his lack of physical strength & height. Looks to use his pace with quick balls into depth in offensive transitions transitions from corners. In offensive corners, he was used as a short option on the edge of the box. Here he displayed good work rate to get back to help team numerically in defensive transitions from corners.